RibEye3 Modifier - About Project

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About RibEye3 Modifier

This project started as a "what-if" question: What if we could update our favourite game, R.B.I. Baseball 3, with a 2013 roster?

Then we asked ourselves, how would a handful of CompSci and Engineering graduates approach the problem?

Then we asked ourselves, why not build something that lets anyone create R.B.I. Baseball 3 game files?

We hit the search engines and found an extensive R.B.I. Baseball hacking community - most of it focused on the original RBI Baseball - and a handful of really neat mods for RBI 3. We started this project in November 2013. Look where we are now!

Please note! We don't host ROMs on this site - you must supply their own copy of the original R.B.I. Baseball 3, which is then patched to your liking. After you download your modified file, it is deleted from the server.


If something is not working as you expect, please submit an issue to our Google Code issue tracker. Please be as detailed as possible, and we'll take a look at it. We love classic RBI Baseball as much as you do, and we want this to work!

How to contribute

If you want to help us hack away and add features, stop by our open-source Google Code project, learn how to set up our development environment, checkout a branch and start hacking!

To contribute in a different way, any BTC or mBTC sent to 15ERvgpvdWPbP7uS2prs7tEmnakdEgw4Ju will be used solely to purchase beer and scotch.


This project would NOT have been possible without support from:

About the developers

Chet Collins, Joel Hill and Brahm Neufeld from Saskatoon, SK have been hacking away on this project. We like a challenge and we like RBI Baseball!