Matte Blue Car Wrap How To Remove Roof Molding Before Wrapping

matte blue car wrap How to Remove Roof Molding Before Wrapping

matte blue car wrap

There are many types of roof moldings available, depending on the vehicle. It doesn't matter what type of roof molding it may be, it's best to remove it before applying vinyl wrap film to a car. matte blue car wrap This will ensure that the vehicle has a complete coverage. Sometimes, however, it may be impossible to do so. Wrappers need to be able to tell when to take off the roof molding, and when to leave it on. There are many ways to quickly and safely handle roof moldings.

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Roof moldings that are secured with double-sided tape Roof moldings are usually held together with clips. However, there are some cases where they can be locked with double-sided tape. matte blue car wrap This type of roof molding should be left on. If you find that the molding is taped to the end of the roof, it is best to remove it immediately. This kind of molding is soft and long. You will stretch it if you refuse to take it off. It will not fit as well after installation. Molding with plastic clips This kind of molding is the easiest to work with. Simply take your plastic scraper and start removing the molding piece by piece. You should get closer to the clip. matte blue car wrap This will reduce the chance of damaging the molding and clips. Sometimes, you'll see painted moldings on your roof. These are usually secured with plastic clips. matte blue car wrap You can also use the same method to manage them if this is the case. Although it is not difficult, this process requires patience. Once the molding is removed, place it in the car or somewhere safe in your workspace. Do not leave it on the roof as it could scratch. Roof rack Some vehicles have roof racks that are not moldings. These will need more work to wrap with vinyl wrap film. You will need to find a way around some roof racks. matte blue car wrap Others have access points at their top. Most racks have plastic covers on the back or front of the rack, and sometimes in the middle. You can remove the plastic cover with your plastic removal tool. matte blue car wrap You will often find Torx bolts or screws holding it on. Use a screwdriver for loosening them. This will prevent the rack from falling onto your roof. To avoid any damage, remove the rack as soon as possible. You will find a lot of dirt under the roof rack. You should remove it before you do anything, even cleaning. Otherwise, you'll have to clean it up again. Don't wrap until you have everything ready. These are three examples of roof molding and rack. This should give you some ideas. matte blue car wrap Find out more about car wrapping at Roof Roof wrapping Wrap tips

matte blue car wrap