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SCI-FI Science Camps 2009

2009 will be a big year for SCI-FI! For one, it is the organization's 20th summer of delivering camps to youth in Saskatchewan. It's going to be our biggest summer ever, with between 32 and 36 full-time summer positions filled.

We have some large goals:

  • Reach over 1,800 campers through week-long summer camps
  • Expand our geographic footprint with week-long camps running in over 20 locations across Saskatchewan
  • Explore new outreach opportunities in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and beyond
  • Continue to provide strong leadership and guidance to an ever-growing staff
  • Generate new partnerships and relationships with schools, companies, organizations, and university entities; strengthen existing partnerships
  • Prepare the program for a full-time, year-round director, and transition that person effectively to keep SCI-FI on its course of strong growth and impact

It's a tall order, but it's possible with a great team. I am very excited to work with a fantastic group of people this summer to make these goals happen!

Here are some things that we have already achieved, as of July 19, 2009:

  • Partnered with the Department of Computer Science to host eight weeks of a brand-new computer science-themed camp for kids in grades 3-9.
  • Partnered with three students from the College of Medicine to offer a brand-new week of health science-themed camp during our last week of camp (August 17-21, 2009).
  • Hosted a 20-Year SCI-FI Staff Reunion at the U of S Faculty Club; approximately 50 instructors from 1989 to 2009 attended.
  • Reached our 1,800-camper mark. With the remaining outreach camps we're delivering, and our involvement with Actua's Dream Team, we're now hoping to break the 2,000-camper mark.
  • Received a $51k 2-year NSERC Grant (more info)

Now that the summer is over, we're focusing on some other goals: getting our clubs programs up and running, and jumping straight into the challenge of finding a full-time director. I am in the midst of completing our final reports, and hope to be able to add some additional successes from the summer to this page soon!

Last Modified September 13, 2009