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TrendWhore Bracelets

Trendy Bracelets

In September of 2005, Scott Borys and I became business partners at the peak of the LiveSTRONG trend. We ordered 200-500 TrendWHORE bracelets from a manufacturer in Toronto and sold them at, which is now being squatted on by someone else. The point of the project was to poke fun at the ridiculous popularity of the rubber bracelets, which everyone was wearing at the time.

We became minor internet celebrities for a while (about 15 minutes), and ran banner ads on some websites and webcomics to sell the bracelets. If you Google "trendwhore bracelets" you'll find a lot of internet buzz about us in fall 2005.

GoDaddy even picked us up for their "site of the week" podcast, here is the mp3. GoDaddy's Site of the Week is now defunct, and you can't find any record of us on their site (perhaps because we don't own the domain anymore).

Last Modified March 2, 2009